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online privacy for adults means more internet child abuse

Online privacy for adults means more internet Child Abuse

In December 2020, the e-Privacy Directive was passed in the European Union that hampered technology corporations from monitoring email, messaging apps, and other online platforms in the EU

child abuse is the risk when success is all that counts in sport

Child Abuse is the risk when success is all that counts in Sport

The Human Rights Commission report into gymnastics laid out a damning picture of a sport where child abuse was allowed to occur unchecked

migrant children in us living in mass shelters little oversight

Migrant Children in US living in Mass Shelters, little oversight

The Biden administration has seen an increase of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border, as adults are still turned away based on a COVID-19 emergency order

police charge man in darwin with possessing child abuse material allege he was in contact with up to 10 children

Police charge man in Darwin with possessing Child Abuse Material, allege he was in contact with up to 10 Children

A 25-year-old man has been charged with possessing child abuse material, with police alleging they found evidence of him attempting to obtain illicit photographs from up to ten children

parker county woman faces child abuse charge in connection to the death of her 5 year old son

Parker County woman faces Child Abuse charge in connection to the Death of her 5-year-old son

The mother told deputies her son tripped, fell and hit his head on tile floor at their home, the sheriff said. Cook Children's staff said the child was abused

elkins woman charged with child neglect

Elkins woman charged with Child Neglect

A second arrest has been made in a child abuse case in Randolph County

child abuse prevention group claims greensboro church intimidated families following preschool teacher s abuse

Child Abuse Prevention group claims Greensboro Church intimidated families following preschool teacher's abuse

A nonprofit organization representing child abuse awareness held a news conference after a preschool teacher from a Greensboro church was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison for abusing children

how to spot if a child has been abused

How to spot if a Child has been Abused

There are many subtle and not so subtle signs that may point to a child possibly being abused. Experts caution abuse can be mental, emotional or physical. 

la house passes bill to increase statute of limitations for child abuse

La. House Passes Bill to increase statute of limitations for Child Abuse

A bill to change the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse from 10 years to 35 years passed with unanimous support in the House Tuesday

child abuse cases rising in the colony

Child Abuse cases rising in The Colony

The number of child abuse cases in Denton County, including The Colony, continues to increase

healthbeat children s advocacy center helping survivors of child abuse

Healthbeat: Children’s Advocacy Center helping survivors of Child Abuse

Experts say the pandemic has resulted in many more unreported cases of child abuse since kids were out of school and social situations where the abuse could have been detected and reported by teachers and other adults

wayne man arrested for aggravated assault and child abuse

Wayne man arrested for Aggravated Assault and Child Abuse

Police Chief Jack McNiff, along with the Passaic County Prosecutor’s office announced the arrest of a Wayne man for endangering the welfare of a child, aggravated assault and child abuse, according to a statement released to the press.

kearney man sentenced on child abuse charges

Kearney man sentenced on Child Abuse Charges

A 39-year-old Kearney man found guilty of beating his kids with a bull whip and hiking stick has been sentenced

employee at utah school for troubled teens charged with child abuse

Employee at Utah School for troubled teens charged with Child Abuse

An employee at a school for troubled teens has been charged with child abuse and accused of breaking the wrist of a boy who was acting out

how to talk to your kids about child abuse warning signs

How to talk to your kids about Child Abuse, warning signs

A Tulsa area gymnastics coach is charged with three counts of lewd molestation after being accused of inappropriately touching underage girls

local child abuse experts concerned about the severity of recent cases

Local Child Abuse experts concerned about the severity of recent cases

Local child abuse experts and advocates said they´re handling more cases and more severe, possibly worsened due to stresses related to the lockdown

neighbors looking out for one another can lessen child abuse and neglect

Neighbors looking out for one another can Lessen Child Abuse and Neglect

Parents are less likely to neglect or abuse their children when they have supportive networks within their neighborhood and others on whom they can rely, a new University of Michigan study found

child abuse reports drop 20 in wisconsin amid covid 19 pandemic

Child Abuse Reports drop 20% in Wisconsin amid COVID-19 Pandemic

According to a recent study, Wisconsin has seen a 20% decrease in child abuse reports since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

woman charged with fourth degree domestic violence assault

Woman charged with Fourth-Degree Domestic Violence Assault

Cortney Jeffries, 34, was arrested by Richmond police on Sunday and charged with fourth-degree domestic violence assault with a minor injury, and fourth-degree child abuse assault.

hephzibah man arrested charged with cruelty to children after 4 year old sent to hospital

Hephzibah man arrested, charged with cruelty to Children after 4-year-old sent to Hospital

Richmond County deputies arrested a Hephzibah man for reportedly abusing a four-year-old boy badly enough to land him in the hospital

effect of spanking on kids brains similar to abuse

Effect of Spanking on kids brains similar to Abuse

Rare is the parent who’s never so much as thought about spanking an unruly child. But a new study provides another reason to avoid corporal punishment: Spanking may cause changes in the same areas of a child’s brain affected by more severe physical and sexual abuse.

providers adapt to telehealth to identify signs of child abuse and neglect

Providers adapt to telehealth to identify signs of Child Abuse and Neglect

While telehealth has helped providers with care delivery during the coronavirus pandemic, it has also created challenges for those who’d always focused on in-person treatment. 

as pandemic restrictions ease reports of child abuse increase

As Pandemic restrictions ease, Reports of Child Abuse Increase

At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, child abuse advocates feared they would see a drop in reported cases of suspected abuse and/or neglect

bullock county dhr host annual child abuse program

Bullock County DHR host annual Child Abuse Program

The Bullock County Department of Human Resources (DHR) held its Annual Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Proclamation program on Wednesday, April 28, 2021. 

couple arrested for alleged horrific child abuse after kids found handcuffed in car

Couple arrested for alleged horrific Child Abuse after kids found Handcuffed In Car

"This is perhaps one of the most serious incidents of child abuse I've seen in my career," said Allegheny County Police Inspector Michael Peairs

casper childrens advocacy project fundraiser to help cap serve child abuse victims

Casper ‘Children’s Advocacy Project’ fundraiser to help CAP serve Child Abuse Victims

The Children’s Advocacy Project is hosting back-to-back fundraising events this June with proceeds to benefit the organization and their work

child abuse hotline calls and texts rose during the pandemic

Child Abuse Hotline calls and texts rose during the Pandemic

Calls to a major child abuse hotline increased in the early months of the pandemic, new research has revealed.

tiktok joins the technology coalition against child abuse

TikTok joins the Technology Coalition against Child Abuse

On Wednesday, the company said it had joined the Technology Coalition, an organization that includes the likes of Apple and Google and that works towards protecting children from online sexual exploitation and abuse

family advocacy center coming to clermont county as abuse reports drop

Family Advocacy Center coming to Clermont County as Abuse Reports Drop

There has been a drop in the number of reported child abuse cases since the pandemic began. Local centers report that during 2020, reported case numbers were the lowest they've been in a decade.

man pleads no contest to domestic violence child abuse

Man pleads no contest to Domestic Violence, Child Abuse

A man who pleaded no contest to committing child abuse and domestic violence after illegally entering a Saugus home last year is set to be sentenced next week on the two felony counts

victim impact statements heard before sentencing in child sexual abuse case

Victim impact Statements heard before Sentencing in Child Sexual Abuse Case

Judge Stephen Kistler’s courtroom was silent Tuesday morning as two of three victims read impact statements before Michael Kurtanic was sentenced after his jury trial.

child abuse hotline volume up during pandemic

Child Abuse Hotline volume up during Pandemic

Calls and text messages to a child abuse hotline increased in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a research letter published online May 3 in JAMA Pediatrics

poplar man convicted of assault rape child abuse sentenced to 20 years

Poplar man convicted of Assault, Rape, Child Abuse sentenced to 20 years

A Wolf Point man convicted by juries in two separate trials of rape, child abuse and assault crimes was sentenced Monday, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney's Office

3 ways to help prevent child abuse

3 ways to help Prevent Child Abuse

Child abuse can occur in any family, anywhere, and it affects people of all income levels, races, ethnicities and faiths. Whether you’re a parent, someone who works with children or simply an adult in a child’s life, you can help prevent child abuse and neglect.

courthouse event draws attention to child abuse and need for volunteers to help victims

Courthouse Event draws attention to Child Abuse - and need for volunteers to Help Victims

More than 50 people stood on the lawn of the Kane County Courthouse in downtown Geneva at noon Thursday, with their heads bowed, clasping blue-and-silver pinwheel toys

jury finds charleston missouri man guilty of second degree murder child abuse in death of 8 month old girl

Jury finds Charleston, Missouri, man guilty of Second-Degree Murder, Child Abuse in Death of 8-month-old girl

A Mississippi County, Missouri, jury found a Charleston man guilty of second-degree murder and child abuse in connection to the death of an 8-month-old girl

calls to child abuse hotline jumped nearly 14 early in pandemic study finds

Calls to Child Abuse Hotline jumped nearly 14% early in Pandemic, study finds

A recent study published in the JAMA Pediatrics Journal found that calls to child abuse hotlines jumped nearly 14% at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic

a good sign reported child abuse creeping back up as kids spend time out of homes

A Good Sign: Reported Child Abuse creeping back up as Kids spend time out of Homes

Pandemic lockdowns and restrictions kept many people home from jobs and kids home from school for about a year.

rare chinese child abuse case involving girl beaten with a hot spatula sees parents stripped of custody

Rare Chinese Child Abuse case involving girl beaten with a Hot Spatula sees parents stripped of custody

The mother would beat her daughter for not doing well on homework assignments. Social workers said the girl was not as active or as happy as her peers

more than 23 500 reports of suspected child abuse filed with dcf in past 3 months

More than 23,500 Reports of suspected Child Abuse filed with DCF in past 3 months

More than 23,500 reports of suspected child abuse ranging from sex trafficking to neglect were filed with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families in the past three months

child abuse drug arrest

Child Abuse/Drug Arrest

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested two people in Mill Spring on child abuse and drug charges following a disabled child abuse investigation

gi couple arrested for child abuse after drugs found in home with children

GI couple arrested for Child Abuse after drugs found in home with Children

A Grand Island couple is in jail after Grand Island Police said officers found drugs and drug paraphernalia in their home with four children living there.

former pastor former daycare worker arraigned in child abuse case

Former Pastor & Former Daycare Worker arraigned In Child Abuse case

A former pastor and a former daycare worker indicted last week on additional complicity of child abuse charges at First United Methodist Church daycare were arraigned in Christian Circuit Court Wednesday morning.

as kids head back into classrooms social workers prepare for a rise in child abuse cases

As Kids head back into classrooms, Social Workers prepare for a rise in Child Abuse cases

As restrictions loosen in our region, many kids are heading back into classrooms. However, a grim reality weighs on social workers, as they prepare for a rise in child abuse cases.

rita ventura receives 2021 connie reyes award for excellence in child abuse and neglect prevention

Rita Ventura receives 2021 Connie Reyes award for excellence in Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

A driving force behind the Kenosha County Child Advocacy Center since its inception is the recipient of the 2021 Connie Reyes Award for Excellence in Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention.

siler city police work to raise awareness about child abuse

Siler City Police work to Raise Awareness about Child Abuse

To promote National Child Abuse Prevention Month and draw attention to local resources for abuse victims, the Siler City Police Department operated an information booth last Friday at the Walmart Supercenter on U.S. Hwy 64.

nspcc child abuse helpline has record call numbers in pandemic

NSPCC Child Abuse Helpline has record Call Numbers in Pandemic

Children's charity the NSPCC says calls and messages to its helpline have risen to record levels during the pandemic. In the year to March 2021 the helpline was contacted almost 85,000 times, up 23% on the previous year.

annual event highlights the over 380 cases of child abuse in cache valley

Annual Event highlights the over 380 Cases of Child Abuse in Cache Valley

The Family Place Utah welcomed Representative Dan Johnson as this year’s special guest on Wednesday for their 12th annual “Steppin’ Up for Kids” event on the steps of the Cache County Courthouse (located at 199 N Main in Logan)

phoenix mom faces child abuse charge after baby ate fentanyl in his crib police say

Phoenix Mom faces Child Abuse charge after baby ate Fentanyl in His Crib, police say

A young Phoenix mother has been arrested after police say her baby boy ingested fentanyl while in his crib and had to go to the hospital. Police say 18-year-old Priscilla Caldera faces one count of felony child abuse.

pinwheel project series what are the signs of child abuse

Pinwheel Project Series: What are the Signs of Child Abuse?

Children are not responsible for their abuse, or responsible for stopping it. Rather, adults in the community are responsible for identifying signs that abuse is occurring. 

former springfield daycare operator found guilty of child abuse

Former Springfield Daycare operator found guilty of Child Abuse

Samantha Dillbeck, a former operator of an in-home daycare, was found guilty of felony abuse or neglect of a child resulting in serious injury Tuesday afternoon. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for July 16.

gender affirming medical treatment for transgender kids would be considered child abuse under texas senate bill

Gender-Affirming medical treatment for Transgender Kids would be considered Child Abuse Under Texas Senate Bill

Senate Bill 1646 is among several other bills that advocacy groups say erode the rights of transgender Texans. But it’s unclear what the legislation’s chances are in the House, where another major bill targeting transgender children appears to have stalled.

arraignment set for shawano county parents son charged with child abuse

Arraignment set for Shawano County parents, son charged with Child Abuse

The criminal cases will continue against two Shawano County parents and their adult son accused of abusing and neglecting two children.

full effect of pandemic unknown on child abuse victims

Full effect of Pandemic unknown on Child Abuse victims

Based on 2019 numbers, the most recent year for which data is available, Kentucky had more than 20,000 abuse and neglect cases, more than double the national average. 

severn couple face child abuse neglect counts

Severn couple face Child Abuse, Neglect counts

A Severn couple face charges related to abuse and indecent liberties following an investigation by the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office and the county’s social services department.

opinion child abuse prevention services have proved crucial during the covid 19 pandemic

Opinion: Child Abuse prevention services have proved crucial during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The best way to keep children safe is to provide support to families who need a helping hand—something the NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)  do through a range of prevention programs aimed at meeting each families’ individual needs.

hawkins county man charged with first degree murder child abuse

Hawkins County man charged with first-degree Murder, Child Abuse

A Hawkins County man has been charged with murder and child abuse in connection with the death of a 4-month-old infant.

march child abuse neglect cases up 48 from 2020

March Child Abuse, Neglect cases up 48% from 2020

Northwest Missouri had nearly a 50% increase in child abuse and neglect cases this March compared to the same time last year.

va advocacy group holds save jane event for child abuse awareness

Va. Advocacy Group Holds ‘Save Jane’ Event for Child Abuse Awareness

The Valley Children’s Advocacy Center held an event called “Save Jane” at Gypsy Hill Park Sunday afternoon.

memphis man faces first degree child abuse charge

Memphis man faces First-Degree Child-Abuse charge

A Memphis, Mich., man was arraigned Wednesday on a first-degree child-abuse charge in Macomb County Circuit Court on allegations he injured a 4-year-old boy.

father of five year old sentenced for child abuse

Father of five-year-old sentenced for Child Abuse

A Wichita Falls father is sentenced in a child abuse and family violence case in which the five-year-old victim told police, “I don’t like my daddy because of what he did to me.”

evans police arrest parents on felony child abuse charges

Evans Police arrest parents on felony Child Abuse charges

Evans Police arrested two parents this week, following a five-month long investigation involving the abuse of their infant son.

child maltreatment the focus of study by utsa ut health and childsafe

Child Maltreatment the focus of study by UTSA, UT Health and ChildSafe

UTSA, UT Health San Antonio and Bexar County children’s advocacy center ChildSafe were jointly awarded a $5,000 grant from the Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science (IIMS). The grant will fund research related to child abuse in Bexar County.

guadalupe residents join child abuse prevention campaign by planting pinwheels

Guadalupe Residents join Child Abuse Prevention Campaign by planting pinwheels

Thirty-two residents in Guadalupe's Pasadera housing community recently banded together and planted a total of 750 pinwheels in their front yards in observance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

pflugerville pre school sued for alleged child abuse

Pflugerville Pre-School sued for alleged Child Abuse

The lawsuit alleges a pre-school teacher "roughly grabbed" a boy, walked while holding him up, and then "in an admittedly frustrated state" tossed him into a wall.

norton woman convicted of child abuse and neglect in the death of her 5 week old baby

Norton Woman Convicted of Child Abuse and Neglect in The Death of Her 5-Week-Old Baby

A Norton woman was convicted Wednesday of child abuse and neglect in connection with the death of her 5-week-old baby.

navy airman from nas jax pleads guilty to distributing child abuse images video

Navy Airman from NAS Jax pleads guilty to distributing Child Abuse Images, video

A 21-year-old Navy man pleaded guilty Wednesday to distributing video and images over the internet depicting the sexual abuse of children.

prevent child abuse rowan hosting food truck fundraiser

Prevent Child Abuse Rowan hosting Food Truck Fundraiser

Prevent Child Abuse Rowan is hosting their first annual Food Truck Fundraiser on Saturday, April 24, 2021. This rain or shine fundraiser will be held from 11:00am to 4:00pm at 130 Woodson St. Salisbury, NC 28144.

erie police and blue sky bridge bring awareness to child abuse prevention

Erie Police and Blue Sky Bridge bring Awareness to Child Abuse Prevention

At the Erie Police Department, pinwheels of various colors have been carefully placed on the windows and walls of the lobby. The toys serve as a symbol of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

prosecutors reviewing child abuse case after 5 month old from kansas city area dies

Prosecutors reviewing Child Abuse case after 5-month-old from Kansas City Area Dies

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing a case of felony child abuse against a Grandview man after the 5-month-old baby he was accused of harming died last week.

pandemic child abuse reports down but utah cases did not go away

Pandemic Child Abuse reports down, but Utah Cases did not go away

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Utah advocates say the pandemic might have changed the numbers.

check child abuse in hong kong by holding schools accountable for not reporting suspected cases

Check Child Abuse in Hong Kong by holding Schools Accountable for not Reporting Suspected cases

In a recent high-profile case, the abuse of a five-year-old girl went on for months before she died at the hands of her parents, raising painful questions about why educators did not intervene in time.

charlottesville agencies look for more foster families in anticipation of spike in child abuse reports

Charlottesville Agencies look for more foster families in anticipation of Spike in Child Abuse reports

As students prepare to head back to school in-person full time soon, experts are anticipating a surge in reports of child abuse. To prepare for this possibility, agencies are looking for more people willing to be foster parents.

talking about child abuse

Talking about Child Abuse

In recognition of Child Abuse Awareness Month, the GFWC Junto Woman’s Club hosted a guest speaker at its monthly meeting for April.

mother charged with murder child abuse in 2 month olds death

Mother Charged With Murder, Child Abuse in 2-month-olds Death

A 19-year-old woman has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the death of her two-month-old baby.

douglass community center raises awareness on child abuse

Douglass Community Center raises Awareness on Child Abuse

Blue pinwheels are planted outside the Douglass Community Center. Their message can impact families not only in Hannibal but nationwide.

new report offers guidance for pediatricians on how to prevent abuse of children with disabilities

New report offers guidance for Pediatricians on how to Prevent Abuse of Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are at least three times more likely to experience abuse and neglect compared to their peers

quilts provide a warm hug for victims of abuse

Quilts provide a 'Warm Hug' for Victims of Abuse

One Place's Child Advocacy Center is one of the primary hubs of efforts to help young victims of abuse and neglect in Onslow County.

lions club learns about child abuse prevention from first assistant da

Lions Club learns about Child Abuse Prevention from first Assistant DA

Madison Hood, Harrison County District Attorney’s Office first assistant DA and also a specialist on child abuse, spoke at the April 13 Lions Club Meeting.

spain parliament approves proposals to protect victims of child abuse

Spain Parliament approves Proposals to Protect Victims of Child Abuse

The Spanish Parliament passed a bill on Thursday which seeks to protect child victims of sexual abuse.

iowa social workers protect children from abuse even during covid 19 pandemic

Iowa Social Workers protect Children from Abuse, even during COVID-19 Pandemic

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Every year, this is a time to raise awareness for the Iowa children experiencing abuse or neglect, and to consider the ways we can make a difference and keep kids safe.

community builders april is child abuse prevention month

Community Builders: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Every April, the Napa County Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) commemorates Child Abuse Prevention Month by bringing awareness to this important issue and raising funds to support families and keep children safe.

raise awareness for child abuse neglect by chalking the walk

Raise Awareness for Child Abuse, Neglect by Chalking the Walk

To raise awareness about child abuse and neglect, Macon County CASA is asking people around the community to "Chalk the Walk."

how the kirk ashton allegations fit the larger pattern of child abuse

How the Kirk Ashton allegations fit the Larger Pattern of Child Abuse

On Wednesday, New York State Police arrested Kirk Ashton, who recently was suspended as principal at the Northwood Elementary School in the Hilton Central School District.

family y of greater augusta puts spotlight on child abuse prevention offers classes

Family Y of Greater Augusta puts spotlight on Child Abuse Prevention, offers classes

A whimsical pinwheel toy can brighten the eyes of a child while he or she plays with it but for two Family YMCAs of Greater Augusta, the pinwheel is serving as a symbol of tragedy that has struck many of its local families – child abuse.

crown point vigil remembers victims of child abuse spreads awareness of help for families

Crown Point Vigil remembers Victims of Child Abuse; spreads awareness of help for families

Several Region leaders and child advocates gathered to put a spotlight on child abuse prevention and awareness in a candlelight vigil.

tribe charges woman accused of child abuse

Tribe charges woman accused of Child Abuse

Paula Amber Chisholm, 35, was charged Tuesday with child abuse and child neglect, according to documents filed in Choctaw Nation District Court.

child abuse awareness event this saturday

Child Abuse Awareness event this saturday

Raising awareness of the problem of child abuse is why Broken Piece No More exists.

Stop Child Abuse

There are many ways you can get involved and make a difference to prevent child abuse. Take action and choose what works best for you.