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Disclaimer and Affiliation Disclosure

1. Introduction

In our commitment to combating child abuse, Stop Child Abuse (SCA) collaborates with a network of affiliated organizations dedicated to child abuse prevention. SCA's mission is to provide guidance, resources, and support to these organizations, amplifying their efforts to protect children from harm. It is essential to understand the nature of our relationship with these affiliates. This 'Disclaimer and Affiliation Disclosure' serves to clarify the independence of each member organization within the SCA network, the limitations of SCA's liability, and the voluntary, collaborative nature of our partnership. We want to ensure that our supporters and the public have a clear and accurate understanding of how SCA operates and collaborates with its affiliates.

2. About Stop Child Abuse ("SCA")

SCA refers to one or more of the affiliated organizations within the SCA network.

SCA is a non-profit entity that serves as a coordinating body for various child abuse prevention initiatives, offering support, guidance, and resources to its affiliated organizations. SCA itself does not provide direct services to individuals or clients but focuses on facilitating and enhancing the efforts of its network members.

3. Independence of Member Organizations:

Each member organization within the SCA network operates independently as a separate legal entity. They are owned and operated autonomously, without the ability to legally bind SCA. SCA expressly disclaims any and all liability for the actions, errors, and omissions of its member organizations, without limitations.

4. Important Disclosures:

4.1. Liability Disclaimer

SCA does not assume liability for the actions, decisions, or services provided by its member organizations.

4.2. Independence of Member Organizations

Member organizations operate independently and have their own governance structures.

4.3. No Legal Binding Authority

Member organizations do not have the authority to legally bind SCA in any contractual, financial, or legal matters.

4.4. Collaborative Role

SCA's role is to facilitate and support child abuse prevention efforts through voluntary collaboration.

4.5. Support Services

SCA provides resources, guidance, and support to its affiliates but does not engage in direct service delivery to clients.

4.6. Compliance Expectations

All member organizations are expected to operate in compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

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