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Docs: 20-month-old involved in Oro Valley Child Abuse case sustained 2 Fractures in 2 weeks

docs 20 month old involved in oro valley child abuse case sustained 2 fractures in 2 weeks
Oro Valley Police Department

TUCSON (KVOA) - The 20-month-old involved in the child abuse investigation in Oro Valley had fractures in the left ankle, left wrist and right wrist, according to court documents obtained by News 4 Tucson Monday.

On Sept. 2, Oro Valley Police Department received a report of potential child abuse after a primary care physician contacted the department about a child who sustained two fractures in the past two weeks - an injury in the left ankle and an injury to the left wrist. The documents said the mother, later identified as Brynn Buette, claimed to be present when both fractures occurred. She also told the medical staff that the injuries were accidental.

After a search warrant was served on Buette's phone, OVPD determined that the child's mother was not present during both of the incidents. In addition, the phone records indicated that the mother's boyfriend, Brian Hendricks had sole care of the 20-month-old when both injuries occurred.

According to the couple's interim complaints, Hendricks told detectives that he was present during both fractures. He said the fracture to the left ankle, which is believed to have occurred on Aug. 22, "happened when he was adjusting the passenger seat and struck (the child's) foot, pinning in between the car seat and the passenger seat."

The documents state "the second injury he states that he was alone with the child in a parking lot and the child was stepping up onto a curb sidewalk and fell forward." Police believe this wrist fracture occurred on Sept. 1.

According to the documents, the child's mother did not seek medical treatment for either fracture until her parents noticed the child's injuries and told her to seek further medical attention.

OVPD also shared that the mother's phone also contained photos of the child with bruises on the chin, cheek and forehead. Those pictures were taken on Aug. 20. According to the documents, the couple told the responding officers that Hendricks was not in custody of the child on that day. The report said this is "inconsistent with what (the child's) daycare says and text messages on the phone."

In addition, a medical professional said the based on the child's age, "bruises to the face are highly correlated to abuse."

The department learned of a third fracture in the child's right wrist after a skeletal survey revealed the injury and that it was a healing fracture. While the health professional could not indicate when the injury occurred, the doctor told OVPD it appeared that the injury was from a separate incident.

A child abuse expert reportedly informed detectives that the "number of fractures raises the indication of nonaccidental trauma."

Both individuals were charged with four counts of child abuse each.

Authored by Anthony Victor Reyes via KVOA September 21st 2021

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