Kearney Man Sentenced on Child Abuse Charges

Kearney Man Sentenced on Child Abuse Charges

A 39-year-old Kearney man found guilty of beating his kids with a bull whip and hiking stick has been sentenced. Names involved in the case are withheld to protect identities of the children.

According to Buffalo County District Court records, the man was sentenced to one year in jail for one count of child abuse.

He was given a 90-day suspended sentence and five years of probation on another child abuse count.

According to records, the man was given 196 days of credit served for the first child abuse count and six days of credit served on the second count.

Four other child abuse counts were previously dropped as part of a plea deal.

Court documents say the Buffalo County Sheriff's Office received a tip from the Department of Health and Human services on October 26, 2020 that the man and his wife were assaulting their four kids.

Records say the children were interviewed at the Family Advocacy Network in Kearney and all four told investigators about several beatings, including one in June where they were told to line up with their pants off and hit with a hiking stick.

The kids said one of them wet themselves from the pain.

At this time, no charges have been filed against the wife in this case.