Manchester Man, Facing Child Abuse Image Charges, Arrested Again

Manchester Man, Facing Child Abuse Image Charges, Arrested Again

MANCHESTER, NH — A Manchester man, with an active child sexual abuse image and prostitution case in superior court, has been arrested again, accused of soliciting nude photos from teenagers as well as simple assault.

Police received a tip from a parent about a teenager having issues with his boss at a music store at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester on May 16. The parent accused the boss, only known to her as Jayson, of offering her son $500 for a picture of his penis. She said her son had just started on the job and accused the boss of hugging her son, "unwanted and tight," which made him uncomfortable.

The detective learned that the phone number of the boss was owned by Jayson Juttner, 36, of Manchester.

During interviews with the teenager, he accused Juttner of requesting pictures on multiple occasions including during conversations, a bathroom break, and while he was watching work procedure videos. On a number of occasions, he was offered cash and was harassed with inappropriate language, an affidavit said.

During one incident, the report said, while on a break, the boy began to cry because Juttner would not leave him alone. Juttner, the affidavit stated, gave the boy an MLB 2021 game.

"(The boy) said he felt it was a gift to shut him up and that Jayson told him not to talk about what happened with anybody," the detective wrote.

The teen was interviewed at the Child Advocacy Center about the cases and stated he felt he was being groomed during his time at the store.

The incidents — six requests for pictures and three hugging incidents and a slap on the backside, occurred between late April and late May, according to the report.

During the course of the investigation, police learned of another incident involving another employee at the store who was 16 and experiencing some of the same issues, the detective stated.

In this incident, the employee and a parent accused Juttner of sending the boy messages via Snapchat offering $200 for pictures of his penis as well as having sexual relations with him and a woman. In another incident, the boy accused Juttner of making "some really weird, disturbing comments to him" as well as two other requests for money in exchange for pictures of his penis. In one text message, police accused Juttner of offering $1,000 to the boy for a picture.

On Saturday, Juttner was arrested on nine counts of solicitation to manufacturing child sexual abuse images, all felonies, four counts of simple assault, and offense committed while on release, since he was out on bail at the time. He was held on preventive detention.

Back in December 2019, Juttner was arrested on manufacture of child sexual abuse images, possession of child sexual abuse images, endangering the welfare of a child or incompetent, and prostitution charges in Merrimack. That case is scheduled to begin trial management on Oct. 26, in Hillsborough County Superior Court-South.

Juttner, according to previous reports, has a long criminal history.

Back in March 2004, Juttner, then 19, was living on Thompson Street in Concord and was accused of slashing the throat of a long-time friend, another teenager, on Perley Street, while they were watching MTV. The attack, press reports and police stated at the time, was unprovoked.

Two years before, when he was living in Hudson, Juttner was accused of setting a neighbor's house on fire, according to the Nashua Telegraph. In March 2002, court records stated that he was on several medications including anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and stimulants. Police in Hudson accused Juttner, then 17, of being involved in a burglary and arson case where Juttner's knife was reportedly found at the scene. After some prodding, Juttner stated voices had told him to light the fire, the Concord Monitor reported at the time.

Juttner received a plea deal in the arson case and was supposed to be placed in a residential psychiatric facility, the report stated.

Other reports in the Telegraph and New Hampshire Union Leader noted previous breaking and entering, trespass, assault, and mischief charges in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, as well as an extensive juvenile criminal history and times in facilities.

Police are asking for anyone who may have had contact with Juttner to contact Det. Scott Riley at 603-792-5748.

Tony Schinella