Mulhall Man Arrested for Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse

Mulhall Man Arrested for Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse

A Mulhall man was charged with three different cases of child abuse and child sexual abuse with multiple victims in June.

Erick Roy Hale, 34, was charged with a total of eight child abuse charges and two child sexual abuse charges between the three cases. Stillwater Police Officer Shawn Millermon investigated the three cases that involved multiple children.

He wrote in the probable cause affidavit, he received a notification from Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare Specialist Bailey Tyler from Oklahoma County where children alleged physical and sexual abuse by Hale. In March, multiple children were interviewed at the Saville Center for Child Advocacy by Forensic Interviewer Holly Chandler.

One child disclosed being hit with a hardback book in the face by Hale, but the child was mostly hit with a black leather belt that had a bronze belt buckle. This particular child victim disclosed having to get stitched when 2-years old due to “being slammed into the bed frame by Erick.” The child said they were to keep quiet about what had happened, and to not tell their mom.

Another child told Chandler they were spanked by the same belt as the other child and that it was painful. The third child in the second case said Hale would strike them “mostly everywhere” and they were present for the other two children that disclosed abuse. One child disclosed both physical and sexual abuse by Hale and alleged it started at 7-years old and stopped at 10.

In April, another child disclosed sexual abuse to Chandler while being interviewed at the Saville Center and another child disclosed physical abuse at the Care Center in Oklahoma City. Millermon wasn’t present for the interview at the Care Center but was present for the one at the Saville Center. The child interviewed in Oklahoma City said they didn’t feel safe with Hale, and disclosed physical abuse.

These two children alleged they witnessed Hale sexually assault an adult woman, and they believed Hale wanted them to watch. The affidavit said the children described what the assault looked like. Millermon said the case is still being investigated at this time. Hale’s next court appearance is Aug. 18, for him to have counsel.

Ashlynd Huffman