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Shooting outside Harborview sparked by alleged Child Abuse

shooting outside harborview sparked by alleged child abuse
My North West

Family members of 5-year-old Aaryuss Weston claim the child’s stepdad had shot the mother’s new boyfriend outside Harborview, the person whom the family believes hit Aaryuss, who died Tuesday evening from his injuries.

“My nephew wouldn’t have stated the things he said if they weren’t true and I’m going to ride with my nephew and the last words that he said,” a family member told KIRO7.
Family members whom KIRO 7 spoke with did not want to be identified, but said that Aaryuss was a bright child with a big heart.

“He was very attentive. Very loving. He just wanted love,” one family member said.

They hope that sharing what caused all of the chaos outside the hospital Harborview will bring justice for Aaryuss.

“You’re a monster. You deserve to sit under the jail cell. And not be amongst society,” one family member said.

Some family members tell KIRO 7 they aren’t happy that Child Protective Services never got involved.

“There has not been CPS reached out. There has not been no explanation as to why my nephew was still in the same custody of the situation, the situations that have been taking place,” one family member said.

Family members also claim that Aaryuss was denied treatment on a previous occasion when he was taken to Harborview Medical Center, as his legal guardian had not given consent for him to be treated. KIRO 7 is awaiting Harborview’s response about the family’s claims and looking into law enforcement’s investigation of the alleged abuse.

“No answers have been answered. Justice has not been served and I’m here to get that justice for him,” a family member told KIRO 7.
Police say two men were arguing outside the hospital, before one of the men retrieved a gun from his car. The man then returned and opened fire, hitting the other man. Police are still looking for the shooter.

Authored by Jake Chapman via My North West September 23rd 2022

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