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“Sound Of Freedom“ tops $10M in box office presales

sound of freedom tops 10m in box office presales
Angel Studios

“Sound of Freedom” has “topped the $10 million” mark in presales at the box office just two days ahead of the release of the movie-in theaters in the United States and Canada-that deals with the horrors of human trafficking.

In a press release from Angel Studios, the company responsible for the popular faith-based television series “The Chosen,” Jared Geesey, SVP of Global Distribution for the studio thanked fans who he said continue to support Christian projects.

“Time and again, Angel fans have proven that they’ll support films that are entertaining and inspiring, and ‘SOUND OF FREEDOM’ is no exception,” Geesey said.

“Industry experts are telling us this surge in presales is stunning the whole industry, but we believe the Angels marshaling their resources for this film aim for it to stun people outside of our industry, to wake audiences all over the globe to the plight of these children,” he added.

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— Angel Studios (@AngelStudiosInc) July 2, 2023

“We are now closer to our goal of selling two million tickets this opening week to symbolize the two million children who are trapped in the horrors of trafficking each year,” Geesey concluded, noting the studio’s goal of getting “2 million people into theaters opening week to remember the 2 million children who are trafficked each year.”

In the highly-anticipated movie, actor Jim Caviezel portrays Tim Ballard in the true story of a federal agent who quits his job and embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue a young girl from sex slavery in South America.

Caviezel recently discussed how his new movie is a “rejection of what they are doing to our Christian culture right now” as he slammed the “Christian bigotry” he said is happening around the world.

During the 54-year-old’s appearance on the Christian podcast “Prophets and Patriots,” “Christian bigotry is the most accepted form of bigotry, right now, in the world,” Caviezel told the host. “And they are okay with that. Well, not anymore. That’s done.”

The “Passion of the Christ” star also revealed recently that Disney wanted him to remove the mention of “God” from the script of his 2002 movie “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Caviezel-who played Edmond Dantes in the adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ novel-said he pushed back and Disney backed off.

“They wanted me to remove ‘God’ from all the script. True story … what happened to God? ‘God will give me justice,’” he said. “I had to say, no, I can’t do this.’”

“Disney said, ‘oh, so you’re one of those?’ I said, ‘one of those what? One of those who re-write Alexandre Dumas? One of those who re-write Shakespeare?’” he added. “Because that’s essentially what you did. So I held my ground and by God they backed off.”

Authored by Katie Jerkovich via The Scotfree July 5th 2023

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