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Woman Accused of Abusing Children at a Johnson County Daycare

E.W. Scripps

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A woman is charged with abusing children after video at a Johnson County, Kansas, day care revealed about 170 instances of abuse of children under the age of 1.

Rachel Schrader, 24, of Kansas City, Kansas, is charged in Johnson County Court with four counts of abuse of a child under 6 years old, according to court records.

The abuse caught on camera occurred between March 2 and March 26, a court document states.

The day care, whose name is not listed in the court documents, fired Schrader after day care employees found an injury on a child. The video showed Schrader injuring the child in the center's infant room, the court document states.

The video revealed a March 26 incident where Schrader grabbed a baby by the arm and yanked the child toward her, the court document states. Schrader sits in a chair, smacks one of the child's legs when the child won't take a bottle and throws the child to the floor.

In another case, Schrader waits for another day care employee to leave the room and Schrader walks over to a child and kicks the child in the chest. The child fell onto its head.

Other incidents are detailed in court documents, including Schrader hitting an infant in the face when he stopped holding a bottle. A video from March 18 shows Schrader hitting a child several times while changing its diaper, according to court documents.

Investigators interviewed Schrader about the abuse. The court document states Schrader admitted losing her patience in the March 26 incident.

She said this was the only time that happened and said she had not mistreated any other children. Schrader has a court hearing on June 17.

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