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arizona state lawmaker resigns after arrest on child sexual abuse charges

Arizona state Lawmaker resigns after arrest on Child Sexual Abuse charges

Democratic Arizona state Sen. Otoniel "Tony" Navarrete resigned on Tuesday in the face of multiple felony charges in connection with allegedly sexually abusing a child.

man sentenced to 4 10 years for child abuse

Man sentenced to 4-10 years for Child Abuse

A registered sex offender who was to have no contact with children has been sentenced to 4-10 years of incarceration for child abuse for an incident that occurred in October 2020.

paedophile taxman kept sick library of child abuse videos

Paedophile Taxman kept sick library of Child Abuse Videos

A paedophile tax officer kept a sickening collection of child sex abuse images for three years.

lujan introduces bill to prevent child abuse and neglect

Luján introduces Bill to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect

U.S. Senators Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) and Bob Casey (D-PA) introduced the Family Strengthening Infrastructure Act Friday to make essential investments to correct the imbalance between prevention services and foster care services in America by increasing funding for Titles I and Title II of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA)

dubai in most child abuse cases culprit is either parents or acquaintances

Dubai: in most Child Abuse cases, Culprit is either Parents or Acquaintances

In most cases of child abuse reported in Dubai, kids were harmed by either their parents or someone known to them, the police have revealed.

apple will refuse requests to use child abuse detection tool for other purposes

Apple will refuse requests to use Child Abuse Detection Tool for other purposes

Apple has defended its new iPhone safety tools used to detect child sexual abuse content, saying it will not allow the technology to be exploited by governments for other purposes.

the price of silence calls for action as sexual abuse within the home soars during lockdowns

The price of silence: Calls for action as Sexual Abuse within the home soars during Lockdowns

Figures show family members are the most common perpetrators of sexual violence against children.

couple charged for filming sexual abuse of 5 year old girl

Couple charged for filming Sexual Abuse of 5-year-old girl

A former Brockway couple were jailed after allegedly videoing the man engaging in sexual acts with the woman’s 5-year-old daughter.

police seeing uptick of child sex crimes in region but reasons unclear

Police seeing uptick of Child Sex Crimes in region, but reasons unclear

Whether it is access to resources for law enforcement or more of a willingness by victim or their families to come forward, regional law officials are seeing an increase in the number of pornography or criminal sex crimes involving children going through the court system.

woman found guilty of second degree murder and intentional child abuse for death of 2 month old infant

Woman found guilty of Second-Degree Murder and Intentional Child Abuse for death of 2-month old infant

A federal jury found Sophia Monique Zayas, 39, guilty of second-degree murder, intentional child abuse resulting in death, intentional child abuse resulting in great bodily harm, intentional child abuse not resulting in great bodily harm, and aiding and abetting on Thursday.

ashford paedophile jailed after paying women in the philippines to abuse girls

Ashford Paedophile jailed after paying women in the Philippines to Abuse Girls

A paedophile who paid women in the Philippines to make videos of child abuse that he directed has been jailed. 

victim calls child abuse hotline to report man for sexually abusing her

Victim calls Child Abuse Hotline to report man for Sexually Abusing her

A victim contacted the Child Abuse Hotline to report a man who reportedly sexually abused her and her sister.

casa of lexington adds 20 new advocates for abused neglected children

CASA of Lexington adds 20 new Advocates for Abused, Neglected Children

Fourteen new Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers were sworn in at the ceremony, which was held in-person for the first time since February of 2020. Friends, family and CASA of Lexington staff cheered and congratulated the new volunteers after they were sworn in by Fayette County Family Court Judge Lucinda Masterto

dallas nonprofit puts emphasis on diversity while supporting abused children

Dallas Nonprofit puts emphasis on Diversity while supporting Abused Children

As North Texas students get mentally ready to head back to in-person learning, thousands of children in Dallas County are dealing with an added layer of stress outside of school.

parkville man former youth coach arrested on child sex abuse pornography charges

Parkville Man, former youth coach arrested on Child Sex Abuse, Pornography Charges

In January, 2021, a victim came forward and reported to Carroll County Advocacy and Investigation Center detectives that he had been the victim of sexual abuse from 2010 through 2012.

three employees of walt disney world arrested in major child sex sting in florida

Three employees of Walt Disney World arrested in major Child Sex Sting in Florida

Seventeen people — including at least three employees of Walt Disney World — have been arrested in Florida in what police have described as a major child sex-trafficking sting operation.

apple to announce client side photo hashing system to detect child abuse images in user s photos libraries

Apple to announce client-side photo hashing System to Detect Child Abuse Images in user’s Photos libraries

Apple is reportedly set to announce new photo identification features that will use hashing algorithms to match the content of photos in user’s photo libraries with known child abuse materials, such as child pornography.

adme and cac partner to prevent child abuse

ADME and CAC partner to Prevent Child Abuse

Students at Academy of Dental and Medical Educators (ADME) in Tullahoma will be equipped with knowledge to prevent child abuse.

protect our children from child abuse offenders support wyatt s law

Protect our Children from Child Abuse Offenders, support Wyatt´s Law

One in seven children will be a victim of child abuse and neglect, which has a lasting impact on childhood growth and development.

let them breathe group says masking children does more harm than good

‘Let Them Breathe’ Group says Masking Children does more Harm than Good

California’s mask mandate in school has sparked a lot of confusion and anger among many parents and guardians.

grant helps group develop resources for child victims

Grant helps group Develop Resources for Child Victims

Lotus Children’s Advocacy & Sexual Violence Resource Center, Kentucky’s designated children’s advocacy and sexual violence resource center for the Purchase area, with the help of grant money from the Kentucky Bar Foundation, has created educational materials to teach the victims the organization serves everything they need to know to prepare to testify in court.

hampton man charged with possessing child sex abuse images first reported by cloud service

Hampton man charged with possessing Child Sex Abuse Images, first Reported by Cloud Service

A local man is facing multiple charges of possessing child sex abuse images after he allegedly uploaded them to a cloud storage service.

ex palm beach county teacher sentenced on sex charge

Ex-Palm Beach County teacher sentenced on Sex Charge

A student turned in a poem about how a relative had sexually abused her when she was a child. Tori then called a state Child Abuse Hotline and filed a report about the then 16-year-old girl’s disclosure, records show.

newyork presbyterian sued for allegedly ignoring child sexual abuse

NewYork-Presbyterian sued for allegedly ignoring Child Sexual Abuse

A former patient filed a civil lawsuit against NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, claiming that hospital staff members were grossly negligent when they allegedly turned a blind eye to repeated acts of sexual violence and abuse she suffered while receiving inpatient treatment for anorexia during the 1990s.

former centennial superintendent sentenced to prison for attempted child abuse

Former Centennial Superintendent sentenced to prison for Attempted Child Abuse

Monday morning, in Seward County District Court, former Centennial superintendent Tim DeWaard, 57, was sentenced to one year in prison for attempted felony child abuse.

audio released detailing complaints of abuse of unaccompanied minors at migrant facility

Audio released detailing complaints of Abuse of Unaccompanied Minors at Migrant Facility

After two federal workers came forward as whistleblowers filing a complaint with Congress over how unaccompanied minors are being treated at a temporary facility at Fort Bliss.

organizations working to end child trafficking in charlottesville area

Organizations wWorking to end Child Trafficking in Charlottesville Area

Human trafficking is when someone is forced or coerced into sex work.

the truth about historic child sex abuse

The truth about historic Child Sex Abuse

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) has published a highly critical report on Lambeth Council’s management of its children’s homes.

snapchat predator jailed for grooming raping girls while on bail for similar offences

Snapchat predator jailed for Grooming, Raping Girls while on bail for similar offences

A Ballarat man is sentenced to eight years after pleading guilty to 16 offences against children including rape and sexual assault.

former south coast youth leader faces more than 30 historical child sex charges

Former South Coast Youth Leader faces more than 30 Historical Child Sex charges

A Queensland man has been charged with more than 30 historical child sex offences following an investigation into the alleged abuse of multiple teenage boys over more than two decades in the Shoalhaven.

masking kids and closing schools is irrational unscientific child abuse

Masking Kids and closing Schools is Irrational, Unscientific Child Abuse

America’s public-health bureaucrats, chiefly the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are insisting on masking kids and granting baseless alibis to teachers unions that would delay or defer schools reopening for another year, if they could get away with it.

understanding child abuse

Understanding Child Abuse

There will be hardly any bigger threat than the insecurity of future generations.

a few seconds of care helps child for lifetime

A few seconds of care Helps Child for Lifetime

It’s so much easier to mind my own business, you know? It’s so much easier to not make what’s happening down the street or across the country my concern.

bikers ready to roll to help abused squamish kids feel safe

Bikers ready to roll to help Abused Squamish Kids feel safe

Bikers Against Child Abuse Greater Vancouver chapter supports abused kids; see members at two public rides through town this summer.

mulhall man arrested for child abuse and child sexual abuse

Mulhall man arrested for Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse

A Mulhall man was charged with three different cases of child abuse and child sexual abuse with multiple victims in June.

how instagram can take its child safety work even further

How Instagram can take its Child Safety Work even further

Thorn found that the majority of American children were using apps years before they are supposed to be — and fully a quarter of them said they have had sexually explicit interactions with adults. That puts the onus on platforms to do a better job in both identifying child users and to protect children from the abuse they might find there

delaware county man sentenced to over 22 years for abusing three year old child and recording the abuse

Delaware County man sentenced to over 22 years for Abusing Three-Year-Old Child and Recording the Abuse

Acting United States Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams announced that David Carbonaro, 28, was sentenced to twenty-two years and one month in prison, and was ordered to pay $38,000 for numerous child exploitation offenses including abusing a three-year-old in order to produce pornography.

whatsapp pervert caught with child abuse images has his family s support

WhatsApp pervert caught with Child Abuse Images has his Family's Support

Pervert Manoj Arachchige was caught with hundreds of sickening child abuse images in a WhatsApp group.

lambeth child abuse scandal shows why we can t cut funding

Lambeth Child Abuse scandal shows why we can´t cut funding

The report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse on Lambeth Council’s care regime makes shocking reading.

two teens enter guilty pleas for child abuse charges

Two Teens enter guilty pleas for Child Abuse Charges

Two Knox County teens pleaded guilty in Knox Circuit Court on Friday to charges of first-degree child abuse after their 1-year-old child suffered severe head injuries

court document reveals disturbing details in las cruces child abuse case

Court document reveals disturbing details in Las Cruces Child Abuse Case

A newly released court document revealed disturbing information about a Las Cruces man who was arrested and accused of harming his girlfriend's son last year

conroe man sentenced to life in prison for abusing girls

Conroe man Sentenced to life in Prison for Abusing Girls

A Conroe man will be serving out the rest of his life in prison after a Montgomery County jury convicted him of sexually abusing two girls younger than 10 for a period of years

report warns of child sex abuse material fuelled by imagery produced by children

Report warns of Child Sex Abuse Material fuelled by Imagery Produced by Children

An “explosion” of child sexual abuse material taken offline in the first half of 2021 is being fuelled by imagery produced by children, internet safety experts have warned

larry nassar is in prison but many young athletes are still at risk here s how we can better orotect them from sexual abuse

Larry Nassar is in Prison, but many young athletes are still at risk. Here´s how we can better orotect them from Sexual Abuse

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice released a report about the FBI’s investigation into former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar that spotlighted what survivors like me have known to be true: the entire system is failing athletes

hundreds of children abused while in care of lambeth council inquiry finds

Hundreds of Children Abused while in care of Lambeth Council, inquiry finds

Hundreds of vulnerable children in the care of Lambeth council in south London were subjected to horrendous cruelty and sexual abuse

woman kept severely autistic child locked inside of wood and metal cage palm bay police say

Woman kept severely Autistic Child Locked inside of wood and metal cage, Palm Bay police say

A woman is facing charges after Palm Bay police say she abused children in her care. Melissa Ann Doss, 43, has been taken into custody for three counts of child neglect and one count of child abuse.

interactive map shows scout leaders convicted of child abuse

Interactive map shows Scout Leaders Convicted of Child Abuse

MORE than 250 people have committed child sexual abuse offences while involved in the Scouts - including ten paedophiles in Hampshire

da has seen the impact of child abuse

DA has seen the Impact of Child Abuse

Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott says child abuse affects not only children but also the entire community

more than 250 convicted of child sexual abuse in uk and ireland while in scout movement

More than 250 convicted of Child Sexual Abuse in UK and Ireland while in Scout Movement

More than 250 people in the UK and Ireland have been convicted of child sexual abuse offences committed while they were Scout leaders or in other positions of responsibility within the Scout movement since the 1950s, according to analysis that raises questions about the organisation’s safeguarding procedures

tennessee suspended one child care license since 2016 the license of chattanooga s migrant shelter

Tennessee suspended one Child Care License since 2016: the License of Chattanooga´s Migrant Shelter

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services suspended one residential child care license in the past five years, according to data from the department

sharenting is it the new child abuse

Sharenting: Is It the New Child Abuse?

The influencer marketing industry is gaining momentum by the minute. However, what is becoming more prevalent in the world of influencers is sharenting; influencers using their own kids as their new content on social media

end athlete abuse in pursuit of olympic medals in japan

End Athlete Abuse in Pursuit of Olympic Medals in Japan

Human Rights Watch interviewed and surveyed more than 800 former child athletes from Japan for a 2020 report.

parents fears over sexting and abuse among teenagers

Parents' fears over Sexting and Abuse among Teenagers

A vivid picture of sexual assaults and harassment in teenagers' lives has been laid bare in recent months but parents rarely speak about the emotional turmoil they face

curious wife was shocked when she put husband s memory card into computer and found hundreds of sick child abuse videos and images

Curious wife was Shocked when she put Husband´s Memory Card into Computer and found hundreds of sick Child Abuse Videos and Images

Peter Loram had left an SD card at his office in Bridford, which his wife found. She alerted police who found 240 movies and 204 pictures from the Dark Web

covid is creating a global child care crisis opinion

COVID is creating a Global Child Care Crisis | Opinion

A second pandemic looms that has those of us who work in child protection deeply concerned. Children worldwide are losing caregivers at stunning rates

signs of child abuse pandemic made them harder to spot

Signs of Child Abuse: Pandemic made them harder to spot

When COVID-19 closed classrooms, child advocates quickly noticed a startling trend. Experts say the landscape of child abuse reporting changed

stuck at home separated from teachers children may have faced more severe abuse during pandemic research suggests

Stuck at home, separated from teachers, Children may have faced more Severe Abuse During Pandemic, research suggests

The most obvious early effects of COVID-19 were the ways in which it shrank the spheres of life, work, and school. 

effects of childhood sexual abuse echo on for generations

Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse echo on for generations

Child sexual abuse is not the survivor’s problem to resolve. It is our problem, as a society. It’s time to tackle it as a public health problem that costs lives. The sexual abuse of children by adults happens every day.

washington county parents accused of shaking severely injuring baby

Washington County parents accused Of Shaking, Severely Injuring Baby

A Washington County couple was arrested for allegedly shaking and critically injuring their baby. 

make the pledge national be someone day raises child abuse awareness every july 21

Make the Pledge: National be Someone day raises Child Abuse Awareness every July 21

National Be Someone Day takes place every July 21 to help encourage adults to be aware of child abuse and to help bring in a future where every child can have a happy and dignified childhood.

china fines tech giants for content exploiting children

China fines Tech Giants for content Exploiting Children

China’s internet watchdog says it has fined technology platforms operated by e-commerce company Alibaba and gaming firm Tencent for spreading sexually suggestive content involving children, as regulators seek to clean up content harmful to minors.

parents cautioned against exposing children to social media

Parents cautioned against Exposing Children to Social Media

Lawmakers across Africa are toughening sanctions against child abuse, especially on social media.

okehampton man with 1 000 child abuse images says it s like trainspotting

Okehampton man with 1,000 Child Abuse Images says it´s like Trainspotting

A man who was found with hundreds of child abuse images told police it was a hobby like trainspotting or butterfly collecting.

child advocacy group anticipates child abuse report influx upon kids return to school

Child Advocacy group anticipates Child Abuse Report influx upon kids return to school

Child abuse cases in San Luis Obispo County saw a drop during the pandemic, but with in-person schooling starting back up, SLO County child advocacy group C.A.S.A. — Court Appointed Special Advocates — said they are preparing for an influx of child abuse cases

light up the night for child abuse victims celebrate the end of summer with the child advocacy center

Light Up the Night for Child Abuse Victims! Celebrate the end of summer with the Child Advocacy Center

“Dance under the stars, mix and mingle, and enjoy a beautiful summer evening that will benefit a great cause”.

moreton bay man charged with possessing child abuse material

Moreton Bay man Charged with Possessing Child Abuse Material

A 28-year-old man is expected to face court today (Tuesday 20 July 2021), charged with child abuse-related offences by officers from the Brisbane Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team (JACET). The man was charged following a report to the Australian Federal Police-led Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) 

couple accused of abusing child in their care

Couple accused of Abusing Child in their care

A Bowling Green couple was arrested after police investigated a child abuse complaint.

child abuse and neglect how to spot the signs

Child Abuse and Neglect: How to spot the signs

The signs of abuse and neglect can sometimes be difficult to spot. Physical signs of abuse and neglect are easier to see in day to day interactions with children.

tennessee dismissed child abuse allegation did not interview children at chattanooga shelter a month before employees there were arrested

Tennessee dismissed Child Abuse Allegation, did not Interview Children at Chattanooga Shelter a month before employees there were arrested

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services declined to investigate a child abuse complaint against an employee at the Chattanooga shelter housing unaccompanied minors in May, weeks before the state acknowledged alleged abuse at the facility.

child abuse increases in pandemic parents more likely to be perpetrators

Child Abuse increases in Pandemic, parents more likely to be Perpetrators

When the state's schools closed in mid-March of 2020 due to the pandemic, children were sent home for the end of the academic year. An increase in child abuse followed, including an increase in sex offenses, according to local experts who oversee investigations and help for the victims

judge perry the effects of child abuse are very prevalent in our county

Judge Perry: The effects of Child Abuse are very Prevalent in our County

Coffee County General Sessions Court Judge Greg Perry has seen the damaging effects of child abuse in Coffee County, and he urges the community to learn the facts about child abuse.

ohio teacher sentenced for sex abuse of 15 year old

Ohio teacher sentenced for Sex Abuse of 15-year-old

 A former Steubenville Catholic Central High School teacher was sentenced after accepting a plea agreement to one count of sexual battery.

even as pandemic winds down child abuse neglect still underreported experts worry

Even as Pandemic winds down, Child Abuse, Neglect still underreported, experts worry

As the coronavirus pandemic began last year, children quickly became some of the most vulnerable when it comes to abuse and neglect.

perpetrators of child abuse use similar grooming tactics iicsa reports

Perpetrators of Child Abuse use similar Grooming Tactics, IICSA reports

PRESENT-DAY perpetrators of child sexual abuse are presenting the same behaviours and child-grooming tactics as those recorded in non-recent abuse cases investigated by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), including clerical abuse, new research suggests

1 in 10 children likely to be victim of abuse

1 in 10 Children likely to be Victim of Abuse

One in 10 children in Malaysia is likely to be a victim of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, according to a child rights activist.

dodge county district attorney thanks child abuse survivor for gifts for other victims

Dodge County District Attorney thanks Child Abuse Survivor for gGifts for other victims

A teenager who has had experienced abuse donated comfort items Tuesday to the Dodge County District Attorney’s Office to help comfort other children.

bakersfield man gets consecutive prison terms of 15 years to life in child molestation case

Bakersfield man gets Consecutive Prison Terms of 15 years to life in Child Molestation case

Judge Gregory A. Pulskamp sentenced Mora to consecutive prison terms of 15 years to life on two counts of committing a sex act with a child 10 or younger.

restaurant owner on trial for child molestation wednesday testimony

Restaurant owner on trial for Child Molestation: Wednesday testimony

Nearly four years in the making, a jury trial took place here in Riverside County Superior Court Wednesday for 53-year-old restaurant owner, Ronald Lynn Maestas, who is accused of sexually abusing a minor. Ronald Lynn Maestas was arrested after being issued a $1 million arrest warrant in Riverside County.

couple indicted in alleged abuse of their children

Couple Indicted in Alleged Abuse of their Children

Indictments handed down in Bowie County accuse a couple of sexually abusing their daughter, physically abusing her and her brother and keeping them in "unsafe and unsanitary" living conditions.

142 child abuse cases recorded in n sembilan in six months

142 Child Abuse cases recorded in N. Sembilan in six months

A total of 142 child abuse cases were recorded in Negeri Sembilan in the first six months of this year. Of that total, physical abuse topped the list with 85 cases, followed by sexual abuse (36) child neglect (13), emotional abuse (four) and abandonment (four).

pervert caught with child abuse images on phone while serving sentence for public sex act

Pervert caught with Child Abuse Images on Phone while serving sentence for Public Sex Act

A pervert was caught with sickening child abuse images on his phone while serving a sentence for performing a sex act in public.

two southwest virginia adults face child abuse charges after telling deputies they were smoking meth

Two Southwest Virginia adults face Child Abuse charges after telling deputies they were Smoking Meth

A 50-year-old man drank 12 beers and smoked meth all day while child was in his care.

mom of nj boy 6 who died in ocean county says dad abused him

Mom of NJ boy, 6, who died in Ocean County says dad Abused him

The mother of a 6-year-old boy who died at an Ocean County hospital three months ago has said that the Barnegat man now facing a criminal charge in connection with the death is the child’s father.

child abuse in county ticks up during pandemic

Child Abuse in County Ticks up during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic caused an uptick in reports of child abuse in Fort Bend County that, even a year later, experts are still trying to fully understand, according to officials with Child Advocates of Fort Bend.

man abused 3 year old for weeks before child died west melbourne police say

Man abused 3-year-old for weeks before Child died, West Melbourne Police say

Suspect was caught trying to make his way to West Virginia, police say. A man is now locked up in Brevard County after he brutalized a 3-year-old child for weeks leading up to the boy’s death, according to police.

philly school employee accused of possessing child pornography

Philly School Employee Accused of Possessing Child Pornography

Daniel Gaudiello, 45, of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, is charged with dissemination of child pornography, criminal use of a communications facility and other related offenses

home wasn t a safe place for everybody in 2020

Home wasn´t a Safe Place for everybody in 2020

Child abuse cases on the rise in Benzie, Manistee counties. Allegations of child abuse, and confirmed cases, are on the rise, so the Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center is expanding to meet the need for child forensic interviews.

concerns about unreported child abuse loom large despite easing covid restrictions

Concerns about Unreported Child Abuse Loom Large despite easing Covid restrictions

Family welfare experts for months have looked to the easing of coronavirus pandemic restrictions as the turning point that would bring clarity about child abuse and neglect rates after a year of unreliable data.

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